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Our farm is nestled in Vermont's Green Mountains. Our town's landscape is hilly with rocky soil and breath taking mountain views overlooking pristine lakes. We are surrounded by old maple sugaring forests and dairy farms. Here, the farms, woods, and pastures have been methodically and responsibly managed for hundreds of years. Many of these family farms are still going strong today! Come on up and see us!



Our Animals 

We currently have 72 head of beef cattle Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Charlaois Crosses. All of our cows are on pasture year round and fed all of the highest quality local hay and balage that they can eat during winter. 


Our laying hens are Ameraucana, Barred Rock, and Black Astralorpes. Our meat birds are Freedom Rangers from the PA Dutch. All of our Chickens are fed VT made Organic/Non-Gmo Green Mountain Feeds and Scratch Grains in addition to free-ranging on pasture.


We also have two Nubian Goats, Laverne & Shirley, who often tag along on the farm tours and three Rabbits. And our two beloved dogs Copper and Daisey, as well as Lily and Prim our Calico Mousers!


From our Friends at The Bunker Farm in Dummerston we purchased two Tamworth/Yorkshire piglets to raise for the season!!! Oink!Oink! 



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