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Kristen decided to name the farm after her Grandmother, Millie, who passed away in March of 2014. Her no-nonsense attitude and old fashioned values are an integral thread in the fabric of Kristen's life.


Eating healthy food was a cornerstone throughout Millie's lifetime. In her 90's people would often ask her what her secret to staying young was. "I never miss breakfast," she would say.


As Grammie would say, "Make a difference in the world. Be Somebody. Ask questions! Speak up! Don't get left behind. Don't be a follower. Always do the right thing. Have a sense of humor. Plant seeds of kindness. Count your blessings! Work hard, Keep it going. And Never stop learning." 


Kristen hopes she can make her proud.




Our mission is to produce healthy food the old fashioned way, free of chemicals, GMO's or any other funny business! We believe healthy food should be affordable and available to all. We are excited to be able to help meet the rising demand for an alternative to feedlot meat. Ours is not a job, it is a way of life and we love it!


We raise a variety of animals in rotation, mimicking a natural, diverse ecosystem. We rotationally graze our herd, which maximizes feed yields and reduces pest related issues, enabling us to raise healthier animals. It keeps the land healthier too, by adding vital nutrients back into the soil via their manure.


Our beef is 100% grassfed. We use antibiotics when needed, because, just like humans, animals get sick too. We make the health of our herd top priority. We always default to the the old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." When it comes to humane handling practices, we take things a step further, beacuase we handle our cows daily. We can't get out of the field until everybody gets scratches! 


Our pastured poultry is rotated every few days for about 10 weeks, the first 2 weeks they are in the brooder, growing their feathers! Once outside, they quickly learn to eat grass and bugs. We supplement the pasture with *locally milled grain and garden scraps.


Our pastured pork is rotated throughout the year in natural habitat, they are fed locally milled grain. Throughout the year the pigs receive garden and table scraps, and other seasonal indigenious fruits and nuts from the fields we manage.

*Locally Milled Grain Source:



Our Practices

Who is Millie?

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